Welcome to the ChangeWays CoLab

At ChangeWays Centre for Collaborative Justice, we are dedicated to reimagining the practice of justice through transformational dialogue, education, and research. We believe that by fostering fair and peaceful institutions, we can empower communities to become stewards of justice and communal change.

By employing an intersectional and decolonial methodology, we strive to advance social justice cultivating communities of change through engaged dialogue and imaginative explorations of justice.

What we do

Our Mission 

Our mission at ChangeWays Centre for Collaborative Justice is to co-create a just society through empowered communities, fostering meaningful dialogue that challenges power structures and transforms narratives by engaging in courageous and imaginative exploration of justice that transcends traditional frameworks.

Empowered Communities

We believe in the inherent potential of communities to drive positive change. Our approach centres on empowering individuals and collective voices, enabling them to become stewards of justice and architects of a more equitable world.

Transformative Dialogue

Dialogue is not merely a conversation; it’s a catalyst for transformation. We facilitate meaningful exchanges that challenge power structures, dismantle discriminatory narratives, and pave the way for a more just society.


Intersectional and Decolonial Lens

We recognise the interconnectedness of social issues and the importance of approaching justice from an intersectional perspective. Our decolonial methodology challenges traditional  paradigms and embraces diverse perspectives, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Courageous Exploration

We engage in courageous and imaginative exploration of justice, transcending traditional frameworks. Our commitment is to go beyond the ordinary, inspiring transformative change.  


ChangeWays CoLab Initiatives

Our project aims to realize our mission by initiating community-based initiatives that foster meaningful dialogue and courageous exploration.

festival of ideas

The Ubuntu Festival

ChangeWays Centre for Collaborative Justice hosted the inaugural Ubuntu Festival aimed to reclaim the African principle of Ubuntu, a commitment to our shared humanity. This first-of-its-kind event brought Capetonians together for four days of dialogue, celebration, and deliberation. From March 21st to 24th, 2024, the festival explored the value that collective, engaged communities can contribute to solving the world’s most pressing issues.

The Ubuntu Festival featured a variety of events, including a Benefit Concert, a film screening of the “Spirit of Ubuntu” documentary, and dedicated spaces for fostering creative discussions. By focusing on shared humanity and collective action, the festival aimed to leave a lasting impact on the community.

Ubuntu Movement

Ubuntu Imbizo

The Ubuntu Imbizo, a gathering steeped in the essence of Ubuntu, is an extension of the Ubuntu Festival, developed in collaboration with the Centre for Community Resilience.

This event is a dedicated platform for the ongoing exploration of the profound value and power of this ancient African wisdom. Through meaningful conversations and communal engagement, the Ubuntu Imbizo aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of this timeless wisdom within our various communities.

Ubuntu Imbizo: Democracy Dialogues

Democracy Dialogues brings together scholars, artists, writers and thought-leaders to explore the profound concept of Ubuntu and it’s potential to reshape our experience of democracy in South Africa. This initiative aims to redefine societal foundations, addressing key aspects such as justice, economics, democracy and social cohesion.

Ubuntu Imbizo: Culture Conversations

Culture Conversations assembles heritage experts, practitioners, activists, and artists to delve into the principle of Ubuntu and it’s impact on our global cultural experience. These discussions explore culture’s fluid and permanent forms, aiming to redefine our relationship with it.

Faith and Social justice

Tapestries of Change

This faithographic exploration of social justice, is a series of transformative dialogues. In collaboration with KAICIID, Outlandish and the Charter for Compassion, this intentional dialogue program presents a unique opportunity for individuals from diverse faith backgrounds in South Africa to explore the intersections of spirituality and social systems. Together, we reimagine a future rooted in peace and reconciliation as we embark on a journey of self-exploration and critically analyse the current systems shaping our lives.

As we explore the intersections of spirituality and systems, we also recognise the power of art as a catalyst for dialogue. Utilising creative expression, participants spark meaningful conversations and inspire fresh perspectives on the path to justice and transformation.

Intergenerational Peace-building

Peace-builder Connects

The Peace-builders Connect is an intergenerational gathering designed to facilitate the exchange of wisdom, strategies, and intentions for peace-building. Save the date for Saturday, 15 June 2024, for this unique creative dialogue experience. This event is crafted to transcend age barriers, challenge divisive notions rooted in identity and social perceptions, and cultivate a profound understanding of peace and justice. The Peace Builders Connect aims to contribute substantively to the collaborative efforts in advancing peace building in our communities.

Queer Advocacy

Zwelibanzi Art Residency

The Zwelibanzi Art Residency is a ten-day program dedicated to advancing queer advocacy through the creative expressions of young LGBTQIA+ artists. In honour of the late Lulutho Ngcongolo, a remarkable queer artist, this residency serves as a living legacy and a compelling call for the protection and advancement of LGBTQIA+ equality rights in Africa. Through artistic exploration and community engagement, the Zwelibanzi Art Residency aims to amplify the voices of emerging queer artists, creating a vibrant space for dialogue, empowerment, and advocacy within the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Our mission at ChangeWays Centre for Collaborative Justice is to co-create a just society through empowered communities, fostering meaningful dialogue that challenges power structures and transforms narratives by engaging in courageous and imaginative exploration of justice that transcends traditional frameworks.